Place Value (Expanded Form)

In this worksheet, students will consolidate knowledge of place value in numbers.


Dani D

from Gympie, Queensland

Love the border, very easy to use!

Wendy W

from Gladstone, Queensland

Absolutely brilliant!! I love the fact that I can start with a worksheet that is already here and change it to what I want! Love it! Thank you.

Karina K

from Port Augusta, South Australia

The possibilities here are endless. Well done!! Karina Kay

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Expanded Form Format:
   2 hundreds, 3 tens and 4 ones
   200 + 30 + 4
   2 x 100 + 3 x 10 + 4
   2 x 102 + 3 x 101 + 4 x 100
The student writes:   Expanded Form
  Standard Form
Put the places in random order (3 tens, 4 ones and 2 hundreds):   Yes    No
Allow zero to be used as a digit:   Yes    No
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A4 Paper (210x297 mm)
Letter Paper (8.5x11 in).
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